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Frequently Asked Questions

There's a starting cost of £15 per square metre up-to £80 per square metre for spray foam insulation depending on product type, application required.

Please be assured that we only use approved spray foam insulation contractors who will install the correct product for the installation for the correct application.

Many of our customers come to us with questions similar to the one above-and it's always a pleasure to put their fears to rest by sorting the facts from the fiction.

Your loft will only be at risk from spray foam if it is improperly installed by an amateur.

Yes, there are D.I.Y spray foam loft insulation kits on the market, but it cannot be stressed enough that spray foam installation is a specialist job, requiring years of prior expertise to ensure its success.

In terms of managing moisture, spray foam insulation is pretty much unrivalled.

On application, the product expands up to 100 times its original size, accommodating all gaps and cracks, regardless of shape or size.

Once hardened, the foam creates an all-encompassing blanket of insulation.

Infact, open cell spray foam will dry out completely, no matter how many times it becomes damp.

Make sure you select a good quality spray foam. A BBA approved product, such as Icynene, Lapolla, Isothane or Walltite, is ideal as it has been vigorously tested for a variety of applications.

Inside the home or commercial area, the air quality is crucial to your overall comfort.

By creating an airtight building insulated envelope, Icynene enables you to control internal conditions, including where the air comes from, the moisture level it contains, as well as preventing airborne allergens entering the space from outside-an essential prerequisite for those with breathing conditions, such as asthma.

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