FAQ: “What Is The Best Way To Insulate Walls For A New Construction?”

Are you working on site and have been asking yourself: “What is the best way to insulate walls for a new construction?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re sure that if you’re

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industrial energy saving tips
FAQ: "Industrial Energy Saving Tips"

Did you know that by applying some simple industrial energy saving tips, your organisation you could slash energy bills by around 29%, according to The Carbon Trust. Many of the recommendations we del

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health wellness at work
Health and Wellness at Work: From Trend to Reality

Being healthy in the workplace has become an important movement in recent years as people work longer hours in front of computer screens and obesity reaches record levels. Employers are becoming more

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Spray Foam Insulation vs Rigid Foam Insulation
Spray Foam Insulation vs Rigid Foam Insulation

When it comes to Spray Foam Insulation vs Rigid Foam Insulation, notably Spray Foam Installation (SPF) is the choice of professionals. Sheet, block or rigid foam can be a competing alternative possess

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steel buildings insulation
The Future Of Steel Buildings Insulation

Are you working on an upcoming steel building project and need to know the best way to provide insulation for the future? Fear not, we are here to provide our expert recommendation for steel buildings

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Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation for Costal Commercial Properties

To justify the use of closed-cell spray foam insulation for coastal commercial properties, it is good to recap on the characteristics of commercial structures. They are exposed to a number of various

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What Is A Retrofit Insulation System?

What Is A Retrofit Insulation System? What is a retrofit insulation system? Put simply, a system that enhances existing efficiency, shoring up a property’s structural integrity in the process. Accor

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Why Use Spray Foam From An Architect's Perspective?

Why use spray foam from an architect’s perspective? Low GWP, Low VOCs and Low Odour-and that’s just for starters. We explore how spray foam assists architects in their endeavours, and why it prove

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Commercial Warehouse Ceiling Insulation

Prevention is often said to be better than cure, and in terms of your commercial warehouse ceiling insulation, this saying could not be more apt. When the roof is cold, even a small amount of heat on

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cold bridging condensation spray foam experts
What Is Cold Bridging Condensation and How to Deal With It?

Cold bridging condensation is a term used to describe weaknesses in a property’s overall building envelope, where cold air can easily penetrate through insulation, due to a lack of structural integr

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Solutions for Cooling a Shipping Container

Shipping containers may possess the robustness and resilience to meet business demands and requirements, but when it comes to maintaining an even temperature, their functionality is greatly impaired.

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Why Is Closed-Cell Spray Foam Better For Insulating Commercial Buildings?

Commercial buildings require a specific approach in terms of insulation choice. Many business owners are looking for innovative ways to protect their property through the right investment. Architects

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Spray Foam Insulation Building Regulations
Insulation Building Regulations

It’s fair to say that insulation building regulations change as frequently as the weather. In order to both meet and exceed them, it’s essential to invest in a product that utilises the latest ins

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Is Spray Foam Insulation Dangerous
Is Spray Foam Insulation Dangerous?

When considering whether spray foam insulation is dangerous, it’s important to take several factors into account. The first concerns credentials. Icynene is a BBA Approved Product, meaning that it h

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Insulating a Barn Conversion
Insulating A Barn Conversion

Due to their location and age, insulating a barn conversion can pose problems for architects and builders alike. As the predominant feature of the conversion in question, the roofs of most bar

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