ICYNENE® open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products. Ideal for commercial and agricultural buildings – insulate and air seal in one step. Icynene spray foam insulation is guaranteed to perform as specified for the life of your commercial or agricultural buildings.

Icynene Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

How Icynene solved condensation issues at BPMS

We helped insulate Bredy Plant and Machinery when they were suffering with issues such as condensation and mould which were causing damage to their property and important documents.

By insulating their property with spray foam insulation they were able to successfully eliminate any previous problems they had, resulting in a dry, warm and secure area.

Who are BPMS Ltd?

BPMS provide high quality construction equipment to Southern England. They have been in business for over 40 years and pride themselves on quality of sales, service and reputable parts that their customers can rely on.

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BPMS supply construction equipment across the South Coast

In terms of issues of noise pollution, Icynene® light density spray foam insulation, and to Icynene® medium density spray foam, both possess excellent mid-range sound barrier qualities.

If you live on a busy road, external noise pollution is a part of everyday life.

Thankfully, the installation of Icynene can contribute to a cosier, quieter environment by providing a welcome reduction in sound.

In addition to this, if occasional flanking noise (such as toilet flushing) is proving frustrating, you can rest assured that Icynene will dramatically decrease this disruption.

In a corporate environment, maximising privacy and/or maintaining a space that’s conducive to successful working conditions is crucial.

Offices, board rooms operating rooms can be noisy places at the best of times. Yet Icynene’s unrivalled acoustic performance quality drowns out both external and internal sound with relative ease, making for a more peaceful, productive environment.

Icynene® spray foam insulation provides a sophisticated solution to the age-old problem of energy loss, by improving the heat retention capacity of a home or corporate workspace.

With regards to the priority areas to insulate, it’s essential to pay specific attention to the wall between a conditioned space (heated or cooled) and an unconditioned space, e.g. plant room, parking garage, storage room.

In this respect, Icynene provides a superlative seal, reducing overall heat loss by up to 95%.

Icynene® spray foam insulation significantly improves indoor air quality, by providing an effective barrier against airborne pollutants.

Dust, dirt, mould and moisture, carbon monoxide, and pollen all serve to provoke existing allergies, such as asthma.

However, these noxious substances can be effectively combatted with Icynene, thanks to the impenetrable barrier it provides.

Unlike other insulation materials, Icynene contains no HFC’s, PBDE’s or volatile organic compounds, making for a safer installation all round, with no subsequent risk of toxicity.

In places with hazardous chemicals, such as boiler rooms, chemical storage areas and parking garages, more vigilant care should be taken during the installation process; something which can only be attained by choosing a licensed Icynene installer.

If your looking for a insulation which adheres to fire health and safety requirements, ask about the latest Icynene Classic Plus “O” foam spray, a fire-retardant installation.

Icynene Classic Plus “O” is a class 0 fire rated spray foam insulation that has also achieved a best in class surface spread of flame of class 1 (test range class 1 best to class 4 worst), making it a particularly attractive proposition for insulating highly flammable areas, such as garages or petrol stations.

Boasting commendable credentials from the BBA and ETA, Icynene has achieved certification to BS EN 476 Part 6 & 7, in addition to achieving Class 0 in accordance with approved Documents B “Fire Safety” To the Building Regulations 2000.

Icynene® spray foam insulation provides an effective barrier against moisture, inhibiting the growth of mould.

In addition to this, Icynene is also able to combat condensation, making for an all-round healthier home environment.

Moisture hotspots include: bathrooms, kitchens and the walls between conditioned and unconditioned rooms in hot/humid climates, where a build-up of water vapour is released into the air, forming condensation.

The ‘weeping windows’ phenomenon is caused by a build-up of condensation inside of the glass, compromising overall visibility, as well as proving to be an unsightly nuisance.

Icynene spray foam provides an impenetrable air barrier that consigns cold air to where it belongs-outdoors.

Even minimal moisture can prove hazardous, as it leads to the formation of mould, which is comprised of unhealthy spores.

To prevent mould from occurring, insulate with Icynene spray foam.

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